SanDisk SSD G4

$499.00 Released August, 2010

Product Shot 1The SanDisk SSD G4 is a high-end Solid State hard drive meant for use in laptops. It has a capacity range of 64-256GB, a read speed of 220MB per second and a write speed of 160MB per second. Its Solid State design utilizes 32-nanometer, multi-level cell process technology and does not utilize any moving parts, allowing for its high readand write speeds.

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The SanDisk SSD G4's read/write speed allows for faster file transfer speed, allowing your system to subsequently run faster. Its 32-nanometer form factor allows for its small laptop-friendly size that can be tweaked according to manufacturer's specifications. Additionally, the SanDisk SSD G4's lack of moving parts makes it very energy efficient and therefore battery- and environmentally-friendly.


  • 64 - 256GB capacity
  • Read speed of 220MB per second and a write speed of 160MB per second
  • Energy efficient
  • 32-nanometer form factor
  • Adaptive Flash Management technology enables faster read/write times
  • Long-term Data Endurance of 160TB written, sufficient for over 10 years of PC usage

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