OCZ RevoDrive X2

$480.00 Released November, 2010

Product Shot 1The OCZ RevoDrive X2 is a consumer-level, PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) released in November 2010 as an upgrade from the original RevoDrive (June 2010). Though it looks and feels the same, the revised X2 features double the NAND Flash and four total SandForce 1200 series SSD controllers.

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The result is a performance boost from 540MB/sec up to 740MB/sec, and a maximum throughput up to 120,000 IPS—which for clarification is triple the throughput of the most premium SATA drive. Most importantly, the ReveoDrive X2 is completely bootable, meaning it can and is in fact mainly designed to be used to house an operating system. It’s available in 100GB to 960GB capacities and includes a RAID 0 design.


  • Consumer-Level SSD
  • 100GB to 960GB Capacities
  • PCI Express (x4) Interface
  • Four SandForce Controllers
  • Two Slabs NAND Flash
  • Internal RAID 0
  • 1500g Shock Resistance
  • 0.1ms Seek Time
  • 2,000,000 MTBF
  • Windows ONLY Compatibility
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Model Variations (740MB/s Write, 690MB/s Read)

  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0100 (100GB)
  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0160 (160GB)

Model Variations (740MB/s Write, 720MB/s Read)

  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0240 (240GB)
  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0360 (320GB)
  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0480 (480GB)
  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 | OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0960 (960GB)

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