Lite-On LH-18A1P

$30.00 Released August, 2009

Product Shot 1The Lite- LH-18A1P is an internal DVD/CD writer & rewriter that connects to PC via an IDE interface—the jumper cables must be preset. Once hooked up, it writes at 18x (DVDs) and 48x (CDs). It’s not as fast as some of its competitors (look at Additional Information), but hosts several unique features.

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For instance, SMART-BURN technology ensures that zero buffer-under-run errors occur. Also consider the unit’s SMART-X engineering, built specifically to automatically adjust data extraction dates for optimal speed. Last to note is the SMART-WRITE, a self-learning function that detects and decides the optimal write strategy.

Additional Information

For a faster connection, consider the SATA DH-20A4H or PATA iHAP322.


  • Internal DVD/CD Writer
  • IDE Drive
  • 8/12cm Discs
  • Single/Dual Layer
  •  SMART-BURN Technology
  • SMART-X Engineering
  • SMART-WRITE Function 


  • Maximum DVD Write Speed: 18x
  • Maximum DVD Read Speed: 16x
  • Maximum CD Write Speed: 48x
  • Maximum CD Read Speed: 48x
  • Interface: IDE

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